Table of Contents

Introduction and Instructions

1. Getting Started

1A. How Brass Instruments Work

1B. Breath Support

1C. Embouchure Formation and Mouthpiece Placement

       1D. Posture vs. Balance

1E. Assembling and Holding the Brass Instruments

1F. First Notes

2. Beginning Technique

2A. Articulation

2B. Changing Notes Horizontally

2C. Changing Notes Vertically

2D. Tone Quality

3. The Harmonic Series

4. Basic Fingerings

5. Basic Intonation

5A. Intonation Problems Shared by all Brass Instruments

5B. General Remedies for Common Intonation Problems

6. The Trumpet

6A. Trumpet Overview

6B. Trumpet Equipment

6C. Trumpet Tone

6D. Trumpet Technique

6E. Trumpet Intonation

6F. Trumpet History and Selected Discography

6G. Selected Trumpet Repertoire

6H. Common Trumpet Player Mistakes

6I. Trumpet Fingering Chart and Ranges

7. The Horn

7A. Horn Overview

7B. Horn Equipment

7C. Horn Tone

7D. Horn Technique

7E. Stopped Horn

7F. Horn Intonation

7G. Horn History and Selected Discography

7H. Horn Transposition

7I. Selected Horn Repertoire

7J. Common Horn Player Mistakes

7K. Marching Horn

7L. Horn Fingering Charts and Ranges

8. The Trombone

8A. Trombone Overview

8B. Trombone Equipment

8C. Trombone Tone

8D. Trombone Technique

8E. Trombone Intonation

8F. The Bass Trombone

8G. Trombone History and Selected Discography

8H. Selected Trombone Repertoire

8I. Common Trombone Player Mistakes

8J. Trombone Fingering Charts and Ranges

9. The Euphonium

9A. Euphonium Overview

9B. Euphonium Equipment

9C. Euphonium Tone

9D. Euphonium Technique

9E. Euphonium Intonation

9F. Euphonium History and Selected Discography

9G. Selected Euphonium Repertoire

9H. Common Euphonium Player Mistakes

9I. Euphonium Fingering Chart and Ranges

10. The Tuba

10A. Tuba Overview

10B. Tuba Equipment

10C. Tuba Tone

10D. Tuba Technique

10E. Tuba Intonation

10F. Tuba History and Selected Tuba Discography

10G. Selected Tuba Repertoire

10H. Common Tuba Player Mistakes

10I. Tuba Fingering Charts and Ranges

11. Advanced Techniques

12. Care and Cleaning of the Brass Instruments

12A. How to Oil the Valves and Grease the Tuning Slides

12B. Trombone Slide Care and Lubrication

12C. How to Restring a Horn Valve

12D. How to Clean the Brass Instruments

12E. Minor Repairs

13. Director’s Survival Guide

13A. Troubleshooting Problems: Case Studies

13B. Promoting Healthy Brass Playing

13C. Braces and Other Impediments

13D. The Daily Routine and Warm-Up

13E. Recruitment and Retention of Brass Players

13F. Brass Playing in Ensembles

13G. Transposition

13H. Evaluating and Purchasing Brass Instruments

13I. Vendors and Organizations

13J. Web Links and Apps

14. Homework Assignments

15. Professor Resources

16. Acknowledgements and Biographies



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